Directive Consignment Store - Announces Work-from-Home Franchise Model

Directive Consignment Store - Announces Work-from-Home Franchise Model


Directive Consignment Store - Announces Work-from-Home Franchise Model

Directive Consignment Store - Inside Store

 Lakewood, CA – Directive Consignment Store, the nation’s premier service for selling goods online, announced today a new franchise model – Directive Consignment Store @Home. Following in the footsteps of its successful retail store franchise model, the company has now developed a proven business opportunity for individuals looking to strike greater work-life balance by working in the comfort of their own home.

“We are extremely enthusiastic about this next phase for Directive Consignment Store,” said Mike Connelly, co-owner and CEO of Directive Consignment Store. “Our new business model meets a growing demand for home-based business opportunities and allows the brand to continue to grow. Directive Consignment Store @Home offers people a chance to evolve right along with the digital shopping world, while providing exciting options to successfully run a business.”

Directive Consignment Store has ten locations across the United States, primarily in retail locations. The company has spent considerable resources researching and developing the business model, perfecting the new home-based opportunity.

“I loved having a physical Directive Consignment Store storefront, but due to some things going on in my personal life, it became difficult to run the store and focus on the things I needed to at home – that’s when I decided to move the business to the comfort of my own home,” said Erin Mock, owner of the Directive Consignment Store @Home store in St. Joseph, Missouri and the company’s first franchisee to transition into Directive Consignment Store home model after two years operating a retail Directive Consignment Store. “Last year, we recorded the most profitable year in our business history. The Directive Consignment Store @Home model has truly given me the freedom to run my business the way that suits me and my family best.”

The new Directive Consignment Store @Home model provides franchisees instant access to overstock product from, an exclusive national retail liquidation company, enabling franchisees to begin selling on eBay the day they open their business.

Items that Directive Consignment Store sell for customers range from collector cars, boats, Rv's, small electronics and high-end bicycles to designer handbags, musical instruments and high value collectables. These items are typically sold at a sales fee of 15 percent of the winning bid sale on eBay.

“The flexibility of our franchise allows interested individuals the advantage of operating a small business that fits best with their lifestyles,” added Connelly. “Whether running Directive Consignment Store from the comfort of their own home or within a physical storefront, franchisees have the potential for unlimited growth.”

An online sales service delivered by experts who know how to efficiently sell goods online at the best prices, Directive Consignment Store provides personalized service for seller-customers who are unaccustomed to selling on the internet or do not want to spend the time. Referred to as “Directive Consignment Store- We Do the Work For You!,” Directive Consignment Store have sold more than one million items on eBay over the past years.

With ten locations across US, Directive Consignment Store aims to have 20 additional franchises open by the end of 2013. As Directive Consignment Store expands, the brand is offering franchise opportunities to qualified individuals who share the company’s vision and who are driven to succeed. Tailored for individuals wanting to get into business ownership and who enjoy working with online sales, the franchise model provides structure and opportunities for growth.

“This is a business where people can have fun doing the work and making money on internet commerce,” said Connelly. “If you like keeping up-to-date with product features and value and selling things on eBay, this is the business for you,” add Connelly.

About Directive Consignment Store

Established in 2009, Directive Consignment Store is the premier service for selling merchandise on eBay and Craigslist. As the largest chain of online auction retailers, Directive Consignment Store is designed to serve customers who lack the time or are uncomfortable with selling goods online.

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